Sunday, October 26, 2008

no hay tiempo!

of course, that's not true. and that's exactly why i'm posting this blog. i find myself making lots and lots and lots of excuses to not constantly be making something. i mean, i make a lot. BUT i could be making a lot MORE. the following is a short list of creative pursuits i would love to take on:

quilting/sewing in general
hand embroidery
stamp making

here is a list of possible reasons i haven't taken them on yet:

no defined work space
disorganized crafting supplies
fear of spending money on supplies and messing things up
no crafting partner

stupid, right? i know. believe me, i know. the one i hate the most is the fear of failure. sometimes i wish i could just go for it, stick to it and learn from every step in the process. and i could. and that's exactly why i'm posting this blog. in hopes of pushing myself on, urging myself to start, stick to or complete a crafting project i vow to keep detailed and photographed (once i get a camera..) accounts of all my crafting pursuits.

Currently I am working on a rug, a wedding book (which may include embroidery and printmaking), a scarf, and wine cork stamps (great idea, right? not mine.) and i have absolutely nothing to show (you) for it today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just stop growing for a minute.

last night i just had to hold caleb. it was around 10pm, he'd been sound asleep for two hours already. it didn't make any difference, i just had to hold him. so i sneaked upstairs and scooped him up. he opened his eyes only barely for a quick, confused and hazy second. we sat in the rocking chair and instantly he was nuzzled into my neck sound asleep. it was heaven. just the fix i needed. he didn't do any growing in those minutes and godess, was i thankful. he's been doing so much of it lately, you see.

i noticed yesterday that babyness really reveals itself in hands and feet. and unlike every other babyness, these places remain captive in that infantile perfection much longer than any others. perfectly pudgy plumpness so good you could just eat it up. these are the places that, even after he'll learn all to well how to speak, how to run away, how to resist anything and everything, still remind me of the days not so long ago when he had no need outside of laughter and love and comforting snuggles. these places tell a story with a beginning so sweet the feelings remain long after the plot has charged full throtle into the unknown. so while in some moments my mother's heart is saddened by my ever growing, ever changing, evermore independent little man, at least i know i'll have a little more time to relish in those beautiful tiny places.