Sunday, October 26, 2008

no hay tiempo!

of course, that's not true. and that's exactly why i'm posting this blog. i find myself making lots and lots and lots of excuses to not constantly be making something. i mean, i make a lot. BUT i could be making a lot MORE. the following is a short list of creative pursuits i would love to take on:

quilting/sewing in general
hand embroidery
stamp making

here is a list of possible reasons i haven't taken them on yet:

no defined work space
disorganized crafting supplies
fear of spending money on supplies and messing things up
no crafting partner

stupid, right? i know. believe me, i know. the one i hate the most is the fear of failure. sometimes i wish i could just go for it, stick to it and learn from every step in the process. and i could. and that's exactly why i'm posting this blog. in hopes of pushing myself on, urging myself to start, stick to or complete a crafting project i vow to keep detailed and photographed (once i get a camera..) accounts of all my crafting pursuits.

Currently I am working on a rug, a wedding book (which may include embroidery and printmaking), a scarf, and wine cork stamps (great idea, right? not mine.) and i have absolutely nothing to show (you) for it today.

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