Wednesday, June 3, 2009

back on the boat...

been too long since i posted anything.  but school is out, i have been fired from my job because of my hair (i have dreadlocks..), and alas it appears i have time for CRAFTING!  sooo, i've been making.. or at least at this point, envisioning a few books.  will post pics later today of the latest achievements.  

while i'm at this posting business, i should lay down some ideas/goals in writing.  i would LOVE to turn this blog into a complete documentation of Doug's and my August 2010 wedding.  between school, caleb, working and moving, i've found so little time--i should say MADE so little time since we all know that's a bit closer to the truth... you don't just FIND time lying around, do you?!--to really capture every lovely moment of planning.  and goddess knows there has been some planning.  we have chosen the venue lake eden events to host so that we may be married in a barn.  seems most significant things in my life happen in a barn (if you're really that curious.. go on and ask), so why not this?  tis' a lovely barn.  more than that, there is camping AND cabin lodging and we may take up space all week if we like--which we do.  my family converges in KS every 4th of july for a reunion.  a few years ago we decided my wedding would take the place of this rowdy reunion.  so really what we have ahead of us is a glorious, rowdy reunion wedding.  YESS!!!  i can see no better result.  i have been so (annoyingly) adamant that EVERY family member be there.  everyone must be a part.  everyone i have known, loved, learned from, everyone that doug has.  this is a celebration of family, of good friends, of life and of good fortune!  

so in addition to decorating with lovely people, i have been meticulously planning all other details in hopes that i may be noticed as the "upcycled wedding planner".  and here is where microcosmos might earn its keep.  doesn't everyone just love those loaded blogs all pregnant with pictures of daily life??  YES THEY DO!  well, i can do that.  i NEED to do that.  i WILL do that.  even though my camera is a little off as of now, pictures, pictures, PICTURES are coming!  every little find, every new idea, maybe some inspiration boards of my own?  ok, getting to work.

one more thing:  washed some white clothes last night.  woke up to them being blue.  they're quite lovely now, actually!

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